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HookahA hookah lounge is more than just a place to buy hookah. It’s a place where both the aficionado and newcomer alike can explore the many different flavors that tobacco and comes in, while enjoying excellent music the company of your friends and fellow hookah aficionados.

In addition to selling tobacco products, we also offer a great night life experience geared to those that enjoy the rich flavors of shisha. From single flavor hookahs to combinations, you are able to find all that you need to satisfy your tobacco needs. We even have a variety of hookah accessories such as coals, tobacco flavors and hookah stands for use while you’re at our hookah bar. We want you smoking experience to be as enjoyable as possible.

Our shisha bar holds customer convenience in high esteem, and we think that you should be able to easily find exactly what you want. Those who are looking for a fine Northridge, CA lounge can find one here at Shisha Sky Lounge in Northridge, CA. Feel free to contact us with any of your inquiries.